Mechanic Cutting Metal Using An Angle Grinder

From handling household repairs, to tackling DIY renovations, having the right power tools on hand can turn even the most daunting projects into a complete breeze. So, if you’re a DIY Enthusiast, looking to upgrade your toolbox, here are 6 of the most versatile and handy power tools to have in your collection.


A jigsaw is a must-have power tool for all DIY enthusiasts. Perfect for cutting intricate curves and patterns, a jigsaw can cut a wide range of materials, including:

  • Wood, both soft and hardwood
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic tiles

This DIY tool is extremely useful for a variety of common DIY tasks, such as crafting custom furniture, building garden planters and cutting and installing kitchen tiles.

Close Up Image Of Jigsaw Power Tool
Man Using Angle Grinder To Cut Metal

Angle Grinder

The angle grinder is a high-performance power tool, is indispensable for many DIY tasks requiring cutting, grinding or polishing. This power tool can:

  • Cut through concrete, metal and tiles
  • Remove rust and loose paint from metal
  • Polish and finish surfaces (with a mop attachment)

Despite its power, the angle grinder is simple to use and can be used with a wide range of flat angle grinder discs (wheels) and cup attachments. This includes sanding discs, diamond cutting blades, flat brush wheels and cup brushes.

Belt Sander

When it comes to surface finishing, the belt sander is the DIY tools you want. Ideal for sanding large, flat surfaces, this power tool is perfect for:

  • Removing paint or varnish from wooden surfaces
  • Levelling surfaces
  • Evening out rough surfaces
  • Preparing woodwork for finishes
  • Preparing walls for painting or redecorating

With a belt sander in your DIY toolkit, you can ensure the smoothest finishes on all your DIY projects.

Carpenter Using Belt Sander On Wood
Builder With Hammer Drill Breaking The Wall

Hammer Drill

This drill functions much like ordinary drills, but with the addition of a hammering function that pushes the bit into the material as it rotates. Perfect for drilling into hard materials like concrete or brick, a hammer drill is great for:

  • Drilling holes for wall plugs or screws
  • Drilling into masonry, concrete or metal
  • Chiselling hard materials

With its power and versatility, the hammer drill is a staple in any DIY tool arsenal.

Impact Driver

More powerful than a regular drill, an impact driver uses additional rotational force to effectively counter the resistance to driving. This high-torque tool is ideal for driving screws and tightening nuts. Its uses include:

  • Driving long screws into hard materials
  • Loosening over-torqued screws, bolts and nuts
  • Drilling holes

With an impact driver, you can ensure every screw and bolt is securely fastened, providing robust results for your DIY projects.

Carpenter Using An Impact Driver On A Single Wood
Carpenter Using Circular Saw For Wood

Circular Saw

Popular with woodworker, this power tool is ideal for carpentry projects to cut wood quickly and precisely. The circular saw is a powerful cutting tool, capable of making straight cuts with ease. This tool is most useful for:

  • Cutting wood efficiently
  • Making long straight cuts in a variety of materials
  • Making miter cuts with the right guide

A circular saw is invaluable for any project that require lots of accurate cutting, such as building a deck or a bookshelf.

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