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Here at Wilson’s Industrial Sales, we stock all the industrial supplies, tools and hardware needed to tackle any construction or maintenance project in Rockhampton—from new builds to renovations and much more. Our product range includes:

After more than 55 years in business, we have put together the region’s largest range of industrial supplies, which we deliver throughout Rockhampton. You can browse our full range online or visit us in Bundaberg.

Find the right abrasive products for your Rockhampton project with Wilson’s Industrial Sales online store. We offer everything from sanding belts to surface preparation equipment, grinding wheels and more.

Need a new set of drill bits in Rockhampton? We supply the largest range of tapping, threading and drilling accessories in the Wide Bay and Burnett regions.

Check out our full range of cutting tools on our online store!

Be confident in your hardware thanks to the range of fasteners at Wilson’s Industrial Sales. We supply Rockhampton with strong bolts, nuts, washers and screws – through our delivery service.

Don’t get caught out with the wrong tools during your Rockhampton construction project; visit our online store today! We stock a range of hand tools to ensure our customers are always prepared.

Need power tools in Rockhampton? Visit Wilson’s Industrial Sales online store! We strive to provide affordable and high-quality tools such as cordless drills, impact wrenches, sheers and everything in between.

Need new safety equipment for your business? Whether you need a fire extinguisher, face masks or high-visibility shirts, we’re proud to supply Rockhampton with industry-leading safety products via our delivery service.

Enjoy a modern Rockhampton workshop by shopping at Wilson’s Industrial Sales online store. Our staff will help you choose the right welding machine and equipment as well as all the workshop accessories you will ever need.

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Affordable Industrial Supplies Delivering to Rockhampton

Providing competitively priced industrial supplies is what we do; looking after our customers is what we care about. When you choose Wilson’s Industrial Sales, you can expect professionalism, high-quality products and customer service that will leave you smiling. We go the extra mile to ensure you’re satisfied and that you find the right products for the job ahead. From nuts and bolts to garden tools, sharpening equipment and more, you can find it all right here at Wilson’s Industrial Sales online store. Get in touch today; call (07) 4151 2533.

Frequently Asked Questions

A spindle sander has a round, flat base with two tall handles on either side. The base holds the sanding belt, which wraps around the head of an upright shaft that extends above the base. The head can rotate to various angles to accommodate different cuts.

Lubricating power tools allows them to run smoothly and reduces friction, especially when working with metal. The reduced friction extends the life of the tool’s parts by allowing it to operate without overheating or wearing out.

A welding magnet is mounted to the welding gun via a clamp or bolt. It attaches directly to the work piece during welding, providing magnetic force for keeping materials together while they are being welded.

A heat gun is used to melt adhesives, remove paint, thaw pipes or loosen stubborn screws. Heat guns also come with attachments for tasks like stripping paint off of car doors or removing wallpaper, but they can be used without attachments for everyday household repairs as well.