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To ensure we meet the needs of every client throughout the Wide Bay and Burnett regions, we stock a comprehensive range of fasteners. Whether you live in Bundaberg, Maryborough, Gladstone, North Burnett, South Burnett or Rockhampton, we have a fastener for every residential, commercial and industrial application. Our competitively priced range includes:

And much more! We only work with trusted brands we know can deliver a more secure connection, including Bremick, Brighton Best, Holdite and more. To find the perfect fastener, give us a call or visit our online store.

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Whether you’re building a new deck, installing a staircase or fitting out a shop-front, we have everything you need to guarantee a safe and efficient project. At Wilson’s Industrial Sales, we pride ourselves on being the one-stop-shop for abrasives, hand and power tools, welding equipment, fasteners and more. Visit our store in Bundaberg or check out our online store to explore our range of:

And everything in between! We understand finding the right fasteners can often be challenging, with so many on the market. That’s why we are committed to helping you every step of the way. Simply get in touch on (07) 4151 2533 and speak to our expert staff!

Screws — Reliable Hardware Supplies in Bundaberg

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unsure what type of fastener you require for a project, or how many fasteners, a member of our expert team can help. Simply get in touch with our team by calling (07) 4151 2533 and let us know a few details about the type of project you are completing. From here, we can help you find the right fastener for your needs. We have experience in a vast range of construction projects so no matter how big or small your project is, we’ll be able to help.

Stainless steel fasteners are incredibly durable and recommended for a wide range of projects because they can withstand extreme temperatures. Some stainless steel fasteners can be used in temperatures as high as 1800° F or as low as liquid nitrogen temperatures, with no effect on their properties or durability.

The Australian standard AS 5216:2018 refers to the design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings used in concrete. The standard sets the minimum requirements for cast-in and post-installed fastenings design and assessment when connecting steel to concrete. The standard clearly defines which fasteners are suitable for use for connecting steel to concrete, and which are not. If you would like to learn more about meeting this standard or what this standard means, our expert team will be able to provide advice and guidance.

Here at Wilson’s Industrial Sales, we offer a wide range of products from hand tools to fasteners to abrasives. But how should you organise them to make using them an easy task? The best way to sort your toolbox is to keep similar tools together. For example, keep all your abrasives together as well as any larger tools such as a hammer or saw. Lastly, if you use a tool often, it should be close to the top of the box so it’s easy to find. Tools you rarely use should go towards the bottom or even in another box altogether.

As nuts and bolts are commonly used together, the two fasteners are easily confused. A nut is a metal ring with spiral grooves cut into its centre. A bolt is much longer in design and has a stem with metal grooves. A bolt fixes to the centre of a nut, fixing the bolt in place by aligning and tightening both grooves together.

Wilson’s Industrial Sales was founded in 1964 and has been supporting local residents, businesses and farmers for over 57 years with fasteners and other high-quality power tools and construction supplies. In 1986, the company was sold to engineering expert Dave Melville Machining Pty. Ltd, who brought further specialist knowledge and expertise to the company.

At Wilson’s Industrial Sales, we understand using the right tools and equipment during construction projects can often be the difference between life and death. We only stock fasteners of the highest quality and our team are experts in safety equipment so will be happy to provide advice about safety on site and which fasteners are suitable for you to use for a certain project.

To see our full range of fasteners, visit us at 6 Quay Street, Bundaberg Central Queensland 4670 or browse our online store. If you require a specific fastener we don’t have in stock, we will likely be able to locate it for you.