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What do you do when you need new power tools? Or when you need help choosing the right abrasives? You visit Wilson’s Industrial Sales in Bundaberg—that’s what you do! We are home to the region’s largest supply of fasteners, tools, safety equipment, welding and workshop machines as well as tapping, threading and drilling accessories. Whether you are taking on a DIY renovation project, run a construction company or work in a factory, everything you’ll ever need is under our roof!

If you need abrasives in Bundaberg, you’ve come to the right place! We stock everything from cutting wheels to flap discs, grinding wheels, polishing compounds and much more.

With so many drill bits on the market, it can be difficult to find the right equipment. We help Bundaberg customers find the right, tapping, threading and drilling accessories for all types of jobs.

For bolts, masonry anchors, nuts, washers, rods, screws and much more, visit our Bundaberg store and explore our range of fasteners. We stock trusted brands like Bremick and Hudson.
We are more than happy to help you select the perfect hand tools for whatever Bundaberg project you’re working on—from hammers to measuring tapes, clamps and air tools.
Cut through even the toughest materials thanks to our range of modern power tools. From cordless drills to jigsaws and grinders, it’s all right here in our Bundaberg store!

Keep you and your employees safe by choosing Wilson’s Industrial Sales in Bundaberg for all your safety equipment needs. Whether you need hard hats, high-vis shirts or gloves, we have you covered!

Backed by more than five decades of experience, our team know exactly how to help you find the right welding and workshop equipment. Simply drop by our Bundaberg store and talk to our staff!

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From South Kolan to Bargara and everywhere in between, there’s a reason Bundaberg residents choose Wilson’s Industrial Sales. We are backed by more than 50 years of experience; we have the largest range of products in the Wide Bay-Burnett region.

Our team is committed to offering personal service for every customer. Whether you need nuts and bolts, garden tools or polishing tools, Visit our storefront in Bundaberg, online store or give us a call on (07) 4151 2533.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference between tapping and threading is that a drill tapped hole has a groove around the outside of it while a threaded hole has threads. A thread can be thought of as a spiral ridge formed on the inside of a cylindrical object. The thread forms or cuts the mating surface so that when one object is screwed onto another, the threaded surface will fasten together.

A masonry anchor is a fastener designed to attach objects and fixtures securely to masonry. It connects walls or floors (i.e. bricks, blocks, stones) without relying on the type of expansion usually used with lag bolts or other threaded rod anchors.

A zinc-plated or brass screw is not stronger than a stainless-steel screw. The difference between the two types of screws is that the zinc-plated screws are less expensive and protected against rust but can cause galvanic corrosion when used to attach dissimilar metals (wood to metal, metal to plastic).

Plow bolts are a type of screw used in flooring applications where a large, flat surface is needed to be fastened. Plow bolts resemble the threads of a bolt but do not have any head on them. The end is pointed like that of a screw and is driven into the subfloor. Plow bolts are used when a connection requires a flat, smooth or flush finish.